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Created in 2015 by a group of former classmates, FIPI (Future Engineers and Computer Programming) is an unregistered non-profit association which brings together engineers, students, teachers, technicians and whose activities are based in Cameroon.
In a world that wants to be more and more digital, a good mastery of new information and communication technologies (ICT), is one of the efficient solutions to ensure and / or guarantee a reliable and sustainable development.
To this end, the objective of FIPI is first of all to popularize information and communication technologies through simple, innovative solutions and above all accessible to all. And also to show young people how to develop solutions adapted to their environment while being an actor of development... continue reading


IT is at the heart of digital and digitalization, just like current at the heart of electricity or the coil at the heart of the electric motor. It is both an educational tool and a science. As such, we can therefore see that its influence on education is of considerable potential. As part of the activities of the FIPI program, the FIPI-Education Project has been set up and represents one of the main activities. Project which aims to allow young learners to find solutions adapted to local realities. And all this using smart objects based on Arduino technology.


Session 2018

After the realization of the 2017 project, and especially thanks to its success which made a lot of joy, a new working session was organized this time at the St Paul Bilingual College in Bafa... continue reading


Session 2017

In December 2017, FIPI organized for the second time at the Lycée classique de Bafang, a working session over a period of ten days. Working session which took place successfully and ... continue reading

Interviews and achievements

Find the summary of the projects presented in 2018 during the open day and at the same time the opinion of some observers and trainers


They give us their opinion on training. Interviews with some observers and trainers from the 2018 session.


Presentation of some projects carried out in 2018 by our young learners during the open day.


Carefully explore some images of the projects carried out during the training sessions and open days 2017 and 2018. And at the same time immerse yourself in the world of practical workshops of FIPI-Education


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Creator and chief of projects
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Manager of activities in cameroon
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Instructor and leader

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